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Your Student Ministry Room

Attention Student Pastors!!! If you are one of those who is lucky enough to have your own student ministry room/building, let me hear your thoughts on the following two questions;

  1. What are some of the things you did in your room/building that you REGRET?
  2. What is the ONE THING that you are so glad you have in your room/building?

I know there are several great resources out there on designing a room, I am just curious to hear what you think!

Summer Insights

I have had the honor and privilege of speaking at a few camps this summer, serving the staff at those places and the local churches from where these students came from. This summer was an amazing one so far. I’ve seen the Holy Spirit do work in the lives of students that I have honestly never seen before. Let me share with you some of the things I have learned.

  1. Preach The Gospel: IT WORKS…Why? Because it’s the power of God for salvation for all who would believe. (Romans 1) Give your students the gospel. They are longing for it. This past week we saw several students trust on and believe in Christ for their salvation, and at Crossroads Summer Camp we saw hundreds of students believe. Preach. The. Gospel.
  2. Students are Generous: Every year at Crossroads, they take up a love offering for a ministry in India. For the past few years, they’ve been giving students the heads up about it several months in advance. During the 3rd week of camp, some 750 students gave an estimated $10,000 to missions. Why? Because they are generous…AND…
  3. They Want to Be A Part of Something Great: We all want this right? I know I do. I long to be a part of a great movement. This generation though, they have the desire and theĀ vision for the movement of God, and they want to ADVANCE IT. I’ve never been more encouraged in my life by students than I have this summer. They are hungry for the gospel to advance on their middle and high school campuses, and they are passionate about taking it to the ends of the earth. Some are literally deciding to put college off for a year and go spend a year overseas after high school, before they even step foot on a college campus. That’s radical.
  4. I Have Got to Keep Studying: These students are hungry for truth, and they will lay it all on the line when asking you why you believe the gospel to be true. It encourages me and spurs me on towards studying the Word with more passion and vigor. But I can’t stop at knowledge. I’ve got to give it street cred in my life. As the old saying goes “Gospel knowledge without application leads to my devastation.
  5. Challenge The Status Quo: Just last night at the camp where I was speaking, we opened up the Scripture and began to uncover the lives of people who had literally said NO to the status quo, and risked it all for the fame of God. We looked at people like Joab and Abishai, Esther, Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, Abendego, Paul, and Thomas. God is looking to raise up His people to advance the Kingdom in His power. To quote John Piper, God is asking “Where are God’s people in this day of God’s power?” Move your students out of apathy. Challenge the status quo.

Needless to say, I’m amped about the Fall. We’ve got a vision from God for our student ministry at The Summit, and we’ll do whatever it takes in our fight from salvation for the lives of students here in RDU.

ServeRDU Student Style

This is a HUGE week here at The Summit Church. We believe whole heartedly that Jesus meant what he said when he told his disciples that we are to love him with everything, and to love our neighbors out of that same love that was shown to us! This week, we have several opportunities to launch you into a lifestyle of service to those in our community. For our students, check out the things we have going on for you below. If none of those work for you or maybe you want to serve with your family, go here.


  • 8:00am | Meet at Agape Corner to serve
  • 12:00pm | Lunch at the Park (bring your own lunch)
  • 1:00pm | Movie in Suite 110, Brier Creek Campus
  • 3:00pm | Worship Service with Pastor J.D. in Suite 111, Brier Creek Campus


  • 8:00am-12:00pm | Serving at Riverside High School (meet at Riverside). We’ll be painting the football locker room.

Let us know if you want to get plugged in, or just go here and sign up now!

What’s New?

So many things going on here during the Summer. We’ve been to Macedonia with a group of students, Crossroads Summer Camp with our middle school students and Student Life Camp in Orange Beach, AL with our High School students. We’ve been on the go….and we’ve seen some amazing things happening this summer.

Crossroads: We had 4 students surrender to the ministry at camp, and so many others grow incredibly in their walks with KingJesus….and that never gets old. In fact, those students will be the ones who plant small groups in the near future, so they’ll be plugged into “ministry” right away!

Student Life Camp: Repentance and Growth would be the theme of what God did in the lives of our students at that camp. So thankful that Matt Chandler taught the word faithfully each day, and allowed the Holy Spirit to drop BOMBS on them.

Thanks for praying for our students and for our staff. We’re running full speed!


Read…and then PRAY, and then go by this book.

“Adults inescapably exercise immense influence in the lives of teens-positive and negative, passive and active. The question therefore is not whether adults exert influence, but what kinds of influence they exert.”

– Christian Smith, Soul Searching